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Words Used by Painters to Stump Your Friends

If you ever find yourself painting a room with your significant other or your buddy, here are some words you can use to make it seem like you have been painting for years.
Flashing- this occurs when you patch an area of a wall or ceiling and don't prime it before topcoating. If you look down the wall when you are finished painting you will be able to see the patch flashing through.
"If we don't want to see flashing later, let's prime that patch."
Tooth- after sanding a wall, ceiling, door, etc. it will give the surface tooth. Meaning it will give the surface more grab for the paint that is going to be applied.
"I am going to sand this window frame and give it some tooth."
DropOut- this is when you are setting up a room for painting and you are laying the drop cloths down.
"The first thing we need to do is dropout."
Curtains- this happens when you are applying too much pressure on one side of a roller during application.
"I can see those curtains from over here. I think I should start rolling the wall."
So the next time you're painting with someone try these words out and see the reaction that you get. I will post some more shortly.

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