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Exterior Services

Scott's Painting Plus Inc. also specializes in many exterior services as well. If you need a good deck cleaning or your dormer is too high for you to reach, don't hesitate to contact Scott's Painting Plus at (610)931-6707 for your FREE ESTIMATE.

I have all the necessary tools to complete all exterior painting jobs. I am fully insured so you can have peace of mind while I am working on your home. If you are planning to hire a painter to do any work on your home, make sure they have insurance and that they are registered with the state of PA.

For the homeowners that are having trouble picking a color scheme for their exterior painting project, call today and ask about the FREE Color Consultations with each booked job.

Another thing to consider about deck jobs is if you aren't financially able to do a completed deck cleaning and deck staining job at the moment, a deck cleaning will do wonders for a deck. It can revive a deck close to its original look.

Exterior Services Offered:

-All Exterior Painting

-All Related Prep Work

-Deck Cleaning

-Deck Staining


-Color Consultations

-Wood Rot Repair

-Gutter Cleaning

-And More, Just Ask.

This is a photo of a back porch before Powerwashing and applying Cabot's Solid Oil Based Stain.

This photo was taken after the Powerwashing and after I applied the same color Solid Stain to the deck. In the wintertime the homeowner was having a problem with slipping coming out of his backdoor. This was before I did any work. To rectify the problem, I added a product called Shark Bite into the stain before application. Now the deck is slip free.

This photo was taken in Media of a Powerwashing and Exterior Painting job I completed in the summer of 2012.

This photo was taken as I was in the middle of Powerwashing the right side where you can see my ladder. The paint was flaking off of the brick as I was Powerwashing.

This photo was taken at the same house in Media. This back porch was in need of a good powerwashing and then I applied a solid stain to it. I also powerwashed and stained the fence in the background.

Here is another photo of the same porch after I was finished powerwashing and before applying the solid stain.

A set of garage doors that I powerwashed and painted last summer in Gladwyne. I used MAB's Seashore paint and the color was Lambswool.

If you need a FREE ESTIMATE, please call Scott's Painting Plus at (610)931-6707 today.

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