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Frequently Asked Questions

*If I was to accept your bid, how do I get on the schedule?

I will always write in the estimate, a rough time frame when I can schedule your job. If you are interested in me doing the work, reply as soon as possible so that I can schedule the work. I go by a first come, first served basis. For example, if I state in the estimate that I am available in 3 weeks to start your project but I don't hear back from you for a week or two, I may have already scheduled work for that time frame. 

*Are you on the job from the beginning until it is finished?

Yes. Scott's Painting Plus Inc. is an owner/operator type business. I work alone on most of my jobs but if you have a job that needs to get done asap, I have another professional painter that I call in for help.

*Can you give estimates over the phone?

One of the reasons why I don't give estimates over the phone is that without looking at the work firsthand, there is no way to know how much prep work is involved in the job. There are alot of other reasons too. For example, how much furniture needs to be moved(and where), how many coats of paint is needed, how much woodwork is going to be painted, the color and sheen of the existing surface to be painted, and so on.

For the homeowner, it is also beneficial to have the painter come to see the work for the following reasons: It gives you the opportunity to see how he interacts with people. Is he clean, presentable, and neat? You can ask the painter how he will be going about certain things. This would be a good time to ask any questions you may have, and you could ask to see proof of insurance. It would also be a good idea to ask for photos of previous work and at least 3 referrals.

Call Scott's Painting Plus Inc. for your FREE ESTIMATE today!

*Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. I am now accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

*What brands and products do you use?

I recommend using Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams products for any residential house painting projects.

The products that I use most of the time our: Benjamin Moore: Aura lines of paint, Regal Select lines, Advance lines, Ben lines, and for any oil based painting jobs I use Benjamin Moore's Satin Impervo. Sherwin Williams: Duration lines of paint, Cashmere lines, Super Paint lines, ProMar 200 lines, ProClassic, and for oil based painting jobs I highly recommend using Benjamin Moore's Satin Impervo.

On deck staining projects I recommend using Benjamin Moore Arbor Coat or Sherwin Williams Deckscapes or Cabot's Oil Based Stain. These products also work as a deck sealer. For deck cleaning projects the products will differ from deck to deck. Some may just need a good powerwashing with a deck cleaner where other decks may need a 2 part process of using a Deck Restorer and Deck Brightener prior to staining. It all depends on the existing state of the deck.

If you have a specific preference on which brands and products you would like to use on your project, than please let me know and I will use those products.

*Can I get my exterior painted in the Winter?

Most manufacturer's labels will tell you that their paint can't be applied when the temperature is 35 degrees or below. If it is 40 degrees during the day, this doesn't mean that you can start your exterior painting. The paint needs time to cure and while it is curing it needs to stay above 35 degrees the entire time.

Curing and drying are 2 different things. Drying is when the carrier (water) in latex paints and (solvents) in oil based paints evaporates. When the evaporation occurs this will allow the paint to form a film. There are also stabilizers in paint that will evaporate as well. When the stabilizers evaporate this allows the other chemicals that are in the paint to form together. When these chemicals are fully formed that is when the paint is cured. Paints can be mostly cured within the first 48 hours but not fully cured for 2-3 weeks. 

*If I hire you as my Painter when will you be available to start?

This would depend on my schedule. As soon as you let me know that you want me to do the project, you will be scheduled into the next opening that I have. If you are looking to have your exterior painted, it is good to call for your FREE ESTIMATE as soon as possible.

*What questions should I ask a Painter when I am getting a quote?

You can ask how long he/she has been painting, what products do they use, how long do you think the job will take, how the payment arrangements would work if they were to get your business, and if they carry insurance.

*What happens if you send me a quote and I want to add or delete something from it?

This will happen from time to time. If you wanted to add more work on, then I can just send you another quote for the added on work. If the work will be done as a continuous job we can add the quotes together for the final price. If the work will be done seperately than we would treat them as seperate quotes.

If you would like to delete work from the quote, I would revise the estimate and send you a new one.

An example would be if you were getting your exterior repainted and also wanted to have the deck powerwashed and stained. You decide you want to hold off on the deck cleaning, powerwashing and deck staining. I would go back to my original notes and determine the price for each phase of the job. Then just subtract the deck cleaning, powerwashing and deck staining from my notes and send the revised estimate for exterior painting back to you. It would be a very easy fix.

*Do all Painters in Pennsylvania have to be registered with the state to perform work on my home?

Yes all Painters in the state of Pennsylvania have to be registered with the state. In fact all Contractors in PA must be registered with the state and have a Home Improvement Contractor number. Scott's Painting Plus' HIC # is PA097277. It is a good idea to check the state registry before hiring a residential house painter to do work in your home. For that matter, it is a good idea to check before you have any tradesman do work in your home.

*How can I get a FREE Color Consultation?

The way this usually works is you will call for your FREE ESTIMATE. After we do the walkthrough and talk about the work to be done, I will go home and prepare the estimate. I will then send you the estimate. After reviewing the detailed quote, if you decide to hire me to do the work, that is when you will receive your FREE COLOR CONSULTATION. I will have an interior designer with alot of experience come in and help you decide what color schemes you would like to go with. The Free Color Consultation is only given after the job is booked.

*Do you know other tradesmen if I wanted to get something else done along with the work you perform?

Yes. If you are looking to get anything from carpentry to tile work done, Scott's Painting Plus Inc. will steer you in the right direction.

*Painting seems easy. Can you tell me what's involved in painting a normal sized bedroom?

Painting may seem easy but there is alot that goes into each job. First you have to remove all of the furniture that you are able to and place in a safe area outside of the room. All of the bigger furniture has to be moved to the center of the room and covered with plastic.

After laying the dropcloths down, you proceed to start prepping the room for paint. After caulking and spackling, you have to sand the patches. I always use a pole sander and scuff all of the surfaces that are going to get painted. This gives the surfaces tooth which helps the paint you are using adhere better to the existing paint. Next, you have to dust all areas, and prime all patches.

Once you are finished with all of the prep you are now ready to paint. Remember to always start with the ceiling first and work your way down.

Even though alot of people think they can paint, there are things that might come up during the painting process that a professional would know and that could result in your paint failing or not lasting as long as it should.

An example would be if the existing paint is oil based and you are using a water based product. How would you know the difference? This is one of the reasons that I always recommend hiring a professional painter for all of your painting needs.

*Is Scott's Painting Plus Inc. insured?

Yes. I am fully insured and will gladly have my insurance agent fax a copy of my insurance.

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