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Hiring a Painter

Hiring a Painter

Anyone can paint right? Wrong!!

If you try to paint a room yourself, and it doesn't go as planned, it will cost more to fix the mistakes than it would have, if you hired a pro in the first place.

You also have to watch out for the "so called" professional painters that shouldn't be painting. Anyone can say they are a professional painter but not everyone can produce quality work.

How can you tell just by meeting a painter if they are good at what they do?

The first thing you can do is ask him for photos of previous work. This doesn't always work as he/she can borrow photos or download pictures off of the internet.

Another option, which I believe is the best, would be to ask for at least 3 references. Make sure you ask for the first and last name of the references, just in case they are relatives, friends, etc. posing as references. This way you can google them before calling. I suggest that you call all three references before hiring someone.

If you are satisfied with option 1 and option 2, you can ask for their insurance information. If the painter, in question, is just trying to make some extra cash, most likely he won't be insured.

Also ask for his Home Improvement Contractor #. Pennsylvania now mandates that all trade related businesses register with the state prior to performing any work in someone's house.

After you receive all of the information listed above, this still doesn't mean you should hire the painter.

It all comes down to the price, right?

When you receive the quote, look for how detailed and specific the job description is. This will show you how the job will be done, what he will be doing, and if it is up to the standards that you set.

If you receive a quote to paint a room and the total cost is $99, I would be very skeptical as to how someone could do it for that price. This is a typical price for someone that will upsell you on every little extra thing that wasn't in the original quote. Oh, you need the walls patched too? That will be an additional $....... Be wary of low ball quotes. Personally, when I send a quote, that is the price it is going to be to complete the work that is stated in the quote. There are no hidden fees or upselling being done at Scott's Painting Plus.

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Or the one sending the quote isn't qualified. In this era where everyone thinks they can be a professional house painter, be careful and do your homework before hiring someone to paint your home. I have received many calls where I was asked to fix previous painter's shoddy work.

Call Scott's Painting Plus today at (610)931-6707 for your, no obligation, FREE ESTIMATE!! I have many reputable references, my

Home Improvement Contractor # is PA097277, I'm fully insured, and you can check my website at

to check out before and after photos of my work.

Thank you for reading. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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