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Oil Based Paints


As we move into a new era of water based, acrylic, and hybrid(waterborne alkyd technology) paints, the oil based paints of yesteryear are not being used as often. In fact, some places don't sell oil based paints anymore for environmental reasons.

The hybrid paints give the finish of an oil based paint but cleans up with soap and water opposed to paint thinner or mineral spirits.

Oil based paints, used mostly on woodwork, leaves a better and more durable finish then a latex(water based)paint and will leave a smoother finish if painted correctly. If you are going to paint your woodwork, and the existing trim is an oil based paint, I recommend using an oil based paint again. The reasons being if you wanted to switch to a latex, you would need to prime all woodwork first with either a latex or oil based primer. Then proceed to apply the latex paint. I feel that an oil based finish coat is more durable, and with prepping the existing trim thoroughly and properly, you will get a better result.

A negative about using an oil based product is that it will usually take 24 hours to dry between coats. Another thing you will have to watch for if you are using a (white) oil based paint, is that over time it will tend to turn a yellowish color.

Here is a photo of a job I just completed where I painted all of the woodwork. The existing woodwork was oil based and turning a yellow color. Sometimes it is hard to notice so I took a picture to show the difference after painting the wainscoting and leaving the door unpainted. The paint I used was Benjamin Moore's Satin Impervo White Oil Based Paint.

Here are a few after photos of the completed job.

As you can see there is a smooth finish on these bifold doors.

Scott's Painting Plus is experienced in all facets of painting. I recommend calling a professional if you have a job that involves oil based paints.

Call Scott at (610)931-6707 or email at

Thank you.

I always recommend hiring a painting company for all of your painting needs but if you aren't at a point where you are able to hire a painter, please read my other blogs that show tips on doing your own painting.

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